Introducing the premier plant for our Plant of the Month series... the Tradescantia Silver!


This gorgeous indoor houseplant is known for its signature sword-shaped, silver-toned leaves and being INCREDIBLY easy to take care of!


This gift set includes this gorgeous limited edition plant AND a unique hand-painted concrete planter in white.


Our team at the Little Plantery hand pots all our plants into their artisan planters so you don't have to do the dirty work! 


FREE Zero-Plastic and gorgeous giftwrapping with every order (including a customisable gift tag!)


FREE delivery within South Perth, Kensington and Como (select at checkout).


*All of our Plant of the Month Gift Sets are while stocks last!

Tradescantia Silver Deluxe Gift Set

  • - Water when top soil soil feels dry or leaves starts to droop.

    - Keep your Tradescantia somewhere that is bright but out of direct sunlight.

    - Tradescantias prefer warm temperatures

    - Keep out of reach of curious pets / curious people as this plant is mildly toxic to both humans and animals!