Whether you call it a snake plant, Saint George's sword plant or Mother In Law's Tongue, everyone recognises this architectual green beauty. Native to Tropical West African regions, Mother In Law Tongue plants thrive bright, warm spaces. 


This plant measures at least 40cm tall (measured from base of the pot.


Includes a self watering pot.


*Please keep this plant away from curious pets as they are toxic if consumed!

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Mother In Laws Tongue (L) INCLUDES POT

    • Although these plants tolerate low light, they really thrive in bright spaces (buy not in direct sunlight)
    • Snake plants prefer warmer temperatures
    • Snake plants prefer to be kept root bound in smaller pots
    • Wipe dust off leaves gentle with a damp cloth
    • These plants are drought tolerant; be sure to check the soil is completely dry before watering.
    • This plant is toxic for humans and animals, keep it out of reach of curious pets / curious people.