Native to South and South-East Asia, and known for their glossy dark coloured leaves, the Rubber Plant is one of our favourite indoor plants! Rubber trees are fast growing so if you are potting this beauty yourself, be sure to put them in a pot with plenty of room for its roots to grow. If you're opting for one of our lovely pots, we have opted to offer slightly larger pots for your new green friend to thrive in.


Measures approximately 50cm from base of pot to top of leaves.


*Please keep this plant away from curious pets and curious people as they are toxic if consumed!

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Starting price includes a plastic nursery plant pot.



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Ficus Elastic // Burgundy Rubber Plant (LAR)

    • Keep me in a light and bright space, best out of direct sunlight.
    • Water your Rubber Plant sparingly and only when the soil has completely dried out.
    • Keep me in warm temperatures where possible, I thrive in temperatures of 18°C-30°C. 
    • Wipe dust off leaves gently with a damp cloth.
    • This plant is toxic for humans and animals, keep it out of reach of curious pets / curious people.