This October we are bringing you a hardy, easy to grow and pet friendly plant! Introducing the Spider Plant! Widely considered to be one of the most adaptable plants, this stunner can tolerate low sunlight as well as sparing waterings.


This Gift Bundle  includes a Spider Plant potted in a gorgeous Terractorra Pot, gorgeously giftwrapped with a custom gift label! 


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Gift Bundle: Spider Plant + Pot

    • If this plant needs to be watered, it will certainly let you know! Droopy Leaves + Dry Soil = please water me!
    • Place in a bright space away from direct sunlight to allow this plant to THRIVE. However it can tolerate low light spaces as well.
    • If you begin to notice spider plant leaves browning, there’s no need for worry. Browning of leaf tips is quite normal and will not harm the plant. This is often the result of fluoride found in water, which causes salt buildup in the soil. Watering this plant with rainwater or distilled water can be best, but is certainly not essential. 
    • The Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum) is considered to be non-toxic to dog and cats by the ASPCA. However, continue to monitor your pets around this plant to be safe.