The Little Leaf is the perfect way to say a little thank you, congratulations, I love you or Happy Birthday. 


Our plants change on a fortnightly basis to ensure we are bringing you the largest variety of plants! This fortnight's Little Leaf is...


The Swiss Cheese Plant / Monstera Adansonii

An indoor house plant essential: the Monstera Adansonii known for its iconic swiss cheese hole patterned leaves and lucious vines. These little ones are a must for any indoor house plant collection.




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    • Keep me out of direct sunlight! A bright space with plenty of indirect sunlight is perfect.
    • This plants leaves grow towards the sun, if you're finding your leaves are growing on an angle, rotate the pot around every time you finish watering so that the leaves grow more upright.
    • Water sparingly only when the topsoil is dry.
    • This plant is toxic for humans and animals, keep it out of reach of curious pets / curious people.